Health & Safety Audits

Get an expert assessment of your company’s health and safety policies, systems and procedures.

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Workplace Health & Safety Audits

As trained ISO 45001 Lead Auditors, we can conduct various audits to identify if there are any gaps in your health and safety management system.

Once we have found these gaps we can then provide simple and efficient solutions to ensure future compliance.

What are your legal duties?

Organizations with five or more employees must comply with the following requirements:
  • Having a documented Health and Safety Policy;
  • Detailed arrangements for the organization, planning, control, monitoring, and review of Health and Safety Practices;
  • Appropriate and sufficient Risk Assessments for all significant hazards;
  • Expert Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy advice.
Many of these requirements can be difficult to implement and maintain effective, especially for small businesses without a designated health and safety advisor.

What is a health & safety audit?

A health & safety audit ensures your company is compliant with current health & safety regulations.

Besides ensuring compliance, it also assesses how well you follow processes and your overall performance.

Why choose Elite Safety Services

Using our audit and consultancy services, you can ensure your health, safety, and environmental management systems are appropriate for your business requirements, promote continual improvement, and are implemented effectively.

We ensure as part of our quality control processes:

  • To regularly review our audit and consultancy products to meet customer needs, expectations, and best practices
  • Consistent high standards of service are achieved through a robust quality assurance process, which includes auditor standardisation, training, and performance monitoring

Health & Safety Audits FAQs

What is a Health & Safety Audit?

A health and safety audit evaluates an institution’s policies, systems, and procedures in relation to health and safety.

What should be included in a health and safety audit?
  • Description of the company’s health and safety goals.
  • Details of specific health and safety responsibilities of management and employees, including names, positions, and responsibilities.
What are the benefits of a health and safety audit?

Performing health and safety audits will help you keep employees, customers, and visitors safe.

Audits conducted by professionals can also ensure your business’s survival because of the possibility of prosecutions, reputation damage and financial penalties in the event of a serious incident. 


Why have a health and safety audit?
  • There is much more to health and safety audits than just finding out what goes wrong. Additionally, they allow employers to recognise success and praise employees who achieve success.  
  • The goal of a safety audit system isn’t just to prevent injuries and illnesses. It shows employees that their employer is committed to their well-being and motivates them.
  • An effective safety audit can protect a company’s assets. The negative publicity caused by a serious health and safety incident can harm trade. 
  • In health and safety prosecutions, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) usually cites failures that an audit would have uncovered. Fines, legal costs, even imprisonment, can result from criminal prosecutions.
  • Health and safety policies are required for every employer. The policy should be in writing if there are five or more employees. 
  • A health & safety audit ensures your health & safety policy is fit for purpose. 
How much do Elite Safety Services charge?

Each project is different. As such Elite Safety Services will prepare you a full quote on what is required for your business and how much it will cost.




Elite Safety Services are a great support to The City & Capital Group.

As we grow our business and offer home working, ensuring we comply with all health and safety requirements is important.
Health & Safety is such a minefield, but Scott made the whole process straightforward. We can rest assured we are not just compliant today. As our business changes shape, Scott will be on hand, an extension to our team!

Thanks Elite Safety Services

Victoria Hicks

Group Director

Health and safety consultancy services for City & Capital Group